Invest safely in your own farm


Install a solar powerplant

If you install a solar powerplant to supply your poultry farm with electricity, the returns are amazing. You can make 17 to 23% return on your investment.

What’s more, solar is a safe investment that will not only yield strong annual returns, it also is a perfect hedge against future energy increases.

One More thing.

The solar panels are warrantied for 25 years.
WOW! What can you buy today that is warrantied for 25 years?
Hey, get this. The expected life of the solar panels is 30-40 years.

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This means that once you have paid off the system in year 3 or 4, you could be realizing free electricity for 35 to 36 years.

Imagine not being a slave to the electric company and owning your own power plant.

Taking charge is what you do. You are independent and wise.
Why stop now?

This is how the investment works.

The retail cost for a 6 House Poultry Farm is $147,000.00.
OneWorld purchases solar panels by the container.
Volume equals discounts that are passed on to you, the customer.

Volume discount = $27,000.00

Owner of 4 House Poultry Farm?

click a button and go to the 4 farm financial projection.

Brands that trust OneWorld Solar

You now have the power to take advantage of the same investment strategy that large investors only have access to.

Solar panel can be seen lined up on the side of the highway for miles.

You have always been curious as to how the big investors do this. Now you know! They use the same investment strategies that I just presented to you. Don’t get me wrong.

Their solar fields can cost $120 Million while yours may cost $120,000.00. However, the basic principals are the same. Instead of using the power for themselves, they sell the power back to the electric company and pocket the

investment tax credit and depreciation.

You now have the power to implement wall street investment strategies on your own farm.

Have you ever seen or heard about these massive solar fields. Literally hundreds of acres of solar panels.